540 - 510 a.C.

KROTON was founded by the Achaens and it was famous for the beauty of its women, for the fertility of its fields and for the healthiness of its land. Vines were rich in a red heady nectar and olives were sacred to the goddess Athena and they were rich in a smelly golden oil. On one side the climate in Kroton was particularly favourable for health and vigour of the body and on the other side the philosopher Pythagoras fed the mind in a time in which all Greeks joined the big games at Olympia, Delphi, Nemea, Corinth. During 100 years the Krotonians won as nobody else 50 crowns. At one racing finale at one Olympic game the first 7 were from Kroton and since then it has been said “the last of the Krotonians is the first of the Greeks”.


The flavour and the authenticity of our Amaro is inspired by the Mith of MILO from Kroton. The greatest athlete and warrior of Magna Grecia for his strength and his winning spirit.

Amaro Milone recalls the atmosphere of that part of the ancient Calabria on the shores of the Ionian Sea, where the town Kroton lies, famous for the fertility of its vegetation, the beauty of its women and the healthiness of its territory.


Revive after three millennia the strength and the atmosphere of the time of MILO, the strongest athlete and warrior of all times. His feats, his superhuman proportions and his countless victories made his memory immortal.”

The story goes that MILO finished his banquets by drinking a nectar provided by the goddess Hera as a sign of devotion. After each sip his untamed spirit was benefitted and restored. “Amaro Milone is there to offer you the possibility to experience an epic moment by tasting the flavour of a thousand-year-old tradition.
There are more than 20 ingredients among citrus fruits, berries, medicinal plants and roots in the secret recipes owned by MILONE. In particular: a selection of bitter citrus fruits; liquorice, typical of Calabria; cinchona; wormwood, used at that time to flavour wine; gentian, a medicinal and digestive herb used also to disinfect wounds in battle; rhubarb, powerful anti-inflammatory; archangelica officinalis or angelica, used in the ancient time as digestive, invigorating and restorative.

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