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 "Gold medal for the award-winning Amaro Milone" writes la Repubblica



There are no less than six awards that are awarded and conquered by Amaro Milone, among which we recall the honorary title of "Best amaro in the world" and again "best label in the world",

titles won undoubtedly with accuracy, it is certainly the originality that rewards and that the latter succeeds following different steps of judgment and careful analysis of processes directly carried out by the best tasters and factory producers on the planet, to make its way up to include the title of miglior amaro del mondo!

The merit is certainly the presence of citrus fruits, berries, medicinal botanicals and roots, which characterize the Lacinio promontory and which make its flavor unique.

Michele Sotero and Davide Milone, the respective founders and owners of the Crotone company, keep the secrets of the digestive process revealing only some of the top secret ingredients.

The originality and design of the bottle leaves you amazed, tangling the story of a remote past and a taste that mix and meet in the creativity and originality of the bottle, in fact the faithful reproduction of the Crotoniate currency is commendable, which fits well into the complexity that makes it unique the final product is impressive.

We like to think - explains Michele together with Davide, of the award-winning Calabrian liqueur factory - that like the legend of Milone, the strongest athlete and warrior of Magna Graecia, he never finished a banquet without tasting a nectar offered by the goddess Hera. A gift to thank him for his devotion and to be guardian of his temple and sacred wood. It seems that with every sip his indomitable spirit drew benefit and refreshment"
It is therefore thanks to the combination of history and local ingredients that have shaped and allowed the birth of a new and unique product: Amaro Milone.